The Turtulele is a full fiberglass ukulele, a very durable material.



The Turtulele is a full fiberglass ukulele specially designed for the great outdoors.

Waterproof and Weatherproof.

Enjoy playing your favorite ukelele songs with friends and family when you are camping or at the beach or even in the pool with no worries.

Light weight and Music heavy.

Turtulele is inspired by Sea Turtles and is from the little tropical island of Cebu, Philippines.

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Turtulele faq

Is the Turtulele fully functional?

The Turtulele is a fully functional uke with great intonation that makes playing so enjoyable.

Are Turtuleles machine fabricated?

No. Turtuleles are hand-casted with the use of moulds. Craftsmanship is of utmost importance to us.

Is the Turtulele waterproof?

Yes the Turtulele is not only waterproof but weather-proof as well.  It is not affected by humidity in any way. It is okay to leave it in the boot of your car. It can withstand hot and cold or wet and dry conditions with no adverse effect on the Turtulele.

*One thing you have to take note if you plan to dip it in seawater is to make sure that you wash the machine heads thoroughly with fresh water and oil it to prevent rust.

Is the Turtulele unbreakable?

The Turtulele is definitely a lot sturdier than the average uke but we don’t claim that it is unbreakable. The strength of fiberglass actually lies in its capability to withstand impact. As an ukulele you have to remember that the fiberglass material is already in considerable stress due to the tension of the strings. In a way, it tends to compromise those features.

Does it sound better than wood?

Fiberglass ukulele sounds different from wood. The key definition here is outdoor/adventure ukulele. It is like comparing sports shoes and leather shoes. Same function. Different purpose.

How does Turtulele Fiberglass compare with Carbon Fiber Ukuleles in terms of sound?

Fiberglass has a warmer tone while carbon fiber has a much brighter tone.

Does the sound of the Turtulele improve with age?

That is an interesting question. We noticed the sound of the Turtulele improves overtime although we don’t have any scientific data yet to support it. It’s merely an observation.

Where is the Turtulele made?

The Turtulele is made in Cebu City, Philippines. Which by the way was recently voted as the best island destination in Asia.



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