Turtulele: Good for the heart

Have you ever experienced listening to music that takes you back to memory lane? Laying awake at night with love songs streaming through your earphones and your mind plays a movie of your happy (or sad) memories .

Music is so powerful that it has been used for different purposes for as long as history can remember.The ancient Greek god Apollo was the god of music and medicine. Mermaids sing to call out to lonely sailors. Early civilizations used it to tell stories, celebrate triumphs, a send warning call, or even wage wars. Music has a crucial part in shaping different cultures.

Music as medicine

Over time, many great minds studied the effects of music to one's mind, body and soul. All studies concludes that music has a great effect in the improvement of one's overall well-being.

So the question remains. How can Turtulele remedy heartaches?

The process of creating music is very therapeutic -- a form of creative expression. Have you ever had too much emotion that your chest starts to tighten, breathing becomes hard and it feels like your heart is going to burst? Channel these feelings into creating or playing music until you reach an emotional release. When this happens, your heart slows down to its regular beating and your breathing becomes easy. You become relaxed and you can think more clearly.

Music can also set your mood. So when you feel your emotions are a little too heavy, take a moment to strum away a feel-good song with your Turtulele.