Ukulele A B C -- Learn how to play the ukulele in 3 easy steps

The ukulele is a known Hawaiian musical instrument. Over time, the ukulele slowly gained its popularity around the world. Japan became its second home. Ukulele songs made its way to music charts. And just very recently, Turtulele, the first ever fiberglass ukulele was created in the Philippines.

It’s so easy to fall in love with the ukulele’s distinct light and happy kind of sound. Its size allows you to easily carry it and create music anywhere, which is a big plus. It’s so easy to play too! No wonder kids and adults, professionals and enthusiasts alike would love to play the ukulele.

Here’s a Turtulele guide on learning how to play the ukulele in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Learn the parts of your ukulele

Anatomy of a Turtulele

Image: Cool Green Tropical Turtulele

As you can see, the ukulele has similar parts with the guitar only that it is way smaller in size (the body can fit into a backpack) and it only has 4 strings.


Step 2: Know the standard ukulele tuning

Standard tuning of a Turtulele

Image: No. 9 Stripes Turtulele

The standard ukulele tuning is G C E A.

Before playing, make it a habit to tune your ukulele. You can use an electronic tuner or a phone app.


Step 3: Learning how to interpret the chord diagram:

Turtulele Chord Diagram

The chord diagram resembles the ukulele’s neck. The dots indicate which string/s to press in which fret/s.

Try out these chords:

Simple Turtulele Ukulele Chords

Now, use these chords in a song with a downward strumming motion. Start with a slow and comfortable pace.

Happy Birthday Turtulele Ukulele Chords

Congratulations, you’ve finished the course!  Try out more songs here. Happy playing!