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Welcome to Discover Music!


The Importance of Music Lessons cannot be over emphasized. It has been proven time and time and again that children who participate regularly in musical activities often perform better in school.

Music Lessons are also beneficial for Adults. It helps create a healthy diversion from life’s daily grind. With the right mentoring, both teacher and student can set attainable goals to sustain the interest of the latter.

In Discover Music, we know that everyone is capable of singing or learning an instrument. All it takes is the correct mind set from both teacher and learner.

Here are the courses we offer:


  • Voice (Pop, Classical)
  • Piano and Keyboards
  • Flute
  • Ukulele
  • Acoustic Guitar (Classical, Fingerstyle, Chord Melody Arrangement)
  • Electric Guitar (Rock and Jazz Improvization)
  • Bass Guitar (Electric)
  • Rondalla Instruments (Bandurria, Octavina, Laud)


  • Rudiments
  • Integrated Music Theory
  • Jazz Theory

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