Soprano Concert: Turtle Back

Soprano Concert: Turtle Back

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The ukulele that thinks it's a turtle

This fiberglass ukulele is crafted by hand with care. Unlike wood, fiberglass can withstand all kinds of weather. It is as durable and lightweight as carbon fiber but is far more affordable. You won't have to worry bringing this adventure ukulele to your next camping or beach trip, or even to your travels around the world.

Turtulele isn't just about the material it is made of. We've put art and heart to the mix. Every ukulele we make creates a loud and crisp sound. We applied science to make sure that every ukulele is intonated correctly and will produce accurate notes. Lastly, we designed Turtulele to fit your unique taste.

Ukulele Size: Soprano-Concert
Dimensions: 22"x 7.4"x 2.3"
Weight: 0.6 kg
Scale Length: 14
Tuning Pegs: Chrome coated
Paint: Non-toxic
Inclusion: Soft case